Sunday, April 17, 2016




Sunday, September 18, 2011

Take care little ice cream

Stupid me,
how can I be so careless and did not realize....
i should have known it earlier....

so sorry friend
i am very sorry for didn't realize it earlier....
u must take care ya....
be strong....

although u r not a Christian,
but i still say it to u...
God bless u, He always will and also ur love ones...

U must take care ya....
u can tell anyone of us anytime...
dont keep all inside ur heart...
we are 1419 friends
all of us still here with you ya....
always remember that ya little ice cream
all the best in ur exam....
dont push urself too hard....

Saturday, August 13, 2011


just like this song the first time i listen to it :)

太多话 哽
还倔强 不要陪伴
来不及 证明的未来
哪 为了我等待

如果生命重来 我坦白

当秘密 被真心解开
当伤害 我全都明白
带回来 回忆很期待
如果生命重来 我坦白

如果生命重来 我坦白

Monday, April 4, 2011

Remember when 2 cat type sis were in kampar??

remember there is a certain time in ur life
u feel so down, so unhappy
when u needed a word of encouragement from ur lovely friends?

this is what a dear sister gave me
it seems to be a normal McD pack-away
but when i received it
i got so surprised and happy
totally never expected it lo

this dear sister even added a piece of note ( long encouragement note)
it felt so warm and touched when a friend, especially a lovely friend
gave u encouragement not only in words,
but she put it in action too!!
she even drawn a lil lioness at the side, representing fighting energy from her??

u wrote in the start saying that it is a simple caring??
it is a super caring to me!!

u always said that i cared about u....
u cared about me lots too ya!!
miss those moments we were in kampar!!
where we can meet more often lo

when i received this encouragement gift last time
i really have wanted to post a blog post
but u know me
i am not so good in expressing myself
so i just kept on let that thought in my mind until now

i just want to tell u
my dear lovely Lioness Shirley sis:
Love u so much!!!
and again i want to thank God
for letting me to know this wonderful and like to shout when excited friend!! :)

Shirley sis
u know u r this special type of person??
now u know :)

feel glad that u like the lion cute clip
that is the only thing i can do lo
coz i m so far away now :(
too bad
but i know
cat type sis love will last!!

* whenever i write post in the middle
it means that it is something special*

* pics taken from Google search

Saturday, April 2, 2011

CF Easter Night Presentation: Are You Still Waiting?

saw this video from Chang En's fb post
thx guys for uploading in youtube n fb so the rest not in cf (like me) can watch it too!!
i like the ending of the story, felt warmness in my heart :p

great story and CF-ers must have put in lots of effort and somemore now is the busy moment right??
great!! well done CF Kampar!!
too bad i couldn't go and watch it myself...

miss cf 2nd home in kampar.....
a place that is comfortable and relaxing.... can be who you are, just be you....
a place for bible study, learn more about God, gather together and it is full of love!!

whenever i ran away,
God grabbed me back
told me that i can lean on Him
hold onto Him whenever i am weak, whenever i needed help
He is there....always!!
just like the song: Never Give Up On Me
song lyric:
Time after time you've been left behind
Like the sun when it's starting to rain
Time after time you've been forgotten
Like a picture that's faded with age
Time after time you ran after me
When I was still running away

You never give up on me
No, You never give up on me
Though I'm weak you are strong
You told me I still belong
No, you never, never give up on me

Time after time I've used your grace
As a way to do what I please
I've taken for granted prayers that you answered
Never been all I could be
You are holding out your hands
And now I clearly see

You always erase all my mistakes
You lift me up when I'm down
Through all the ages, Your love never changes
You welcome me just as I am

Never give up, never give up on me...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011